Palstine belongs to…??

Today, Palastine and Israel is getting the world’s attention. It doesn’t start’s been several years. Can we call this as a ‘conflict?. Can we say to whom does this land belongs to?? 🇵🇸or🇮🇱. Let’s get a look at the history in short.

Word war I

The region of palastine is between the meditterian sea and Jordan River. It is situating between the three continents. From about to 1517 till end of World War I, it was ruled by Ottoman empire.

During World War I, British needed the help of Arabs to defeat Ottomans, so they promised the land if they help them. They was ready for it. But, in 1915 actually British made an agreement with France and Russia  for taking control over Middle-East. This is the so called – Sykes-Picot agreement-Also at the same time British made and almost same promise with zionist community for their independent land.That is the ‘Balfour declaration’.  And betrayed Arab community.

Zionist Aliyah

Zionism is an ideology and movement of Jewish community founded by Theodor Herzi in 19th century. They had a main goal, that is creating their desired state in Palastine.

Theodor Herzi

Aliyah is the the mass immigration of jews to Palastine. Started from 1881 Russia and Europe. It continued on full swing which made Palestinian population worried.

Partition of Palastine.

The british proposed the partition of Palastine. But Palastine rejected it and there revolted against them. Thousands of them were killed. They didn’t give up continued to fight. This made British to leve here and hand over their responsibility to UN in 1947. And UN proposed the Partition of Palastine again. Even the jews only one third of the population, UN gave 55 percent of land for there. And that is complete injustice!!

Here, Palestinians reject when the zionists accepted. And in 1948, they formed the state of Israel. But they didn’t agree to the borders, their plan was to capture more land of palastine. Both declared Jerusalem as their capitals.

Israel began to capture lands of palastine and expand their land. Leaving millions of Palestinians lose their country. 1.9 millions of people forced out of their home. Their lands and cities destroyed. And Thousands of them got killed.

It was all just a start of the horrifying era. Over 70 years, Israel still continuing its inhumane act. The era of injustice, discrimination, home demolitions, displacements, terrorism  Israel expansion, massacres, bombings and so on. Limitless violence. Palastine keep losing it’s land. They keep losing precious lives innocent children and women. But they never give up, the continue fighting for independence.

Now let’s say, Palastine belongs to whom??. Can the world honestly answer this question mark??

Past few weeks we saw the inhumane acts going on there. More than 200 were killed. Homes, building, hospitals and all got bombed and fired. Air of palastine was always waving the wind of violence and strikes. It is filled with the cries of loses.

So who actually has the right to defend itself?? When can the Palstinian children be happy, have a home and live peacefully.

It’s not about how many power and weapons you hold. It’s about whether you hold the truth.

This is not about Muslims, this is about humanity.

“This is not a civil war, this is people defending their selves. This is not a conflict, this is liberation movement fighting for justice”- Ghassan Kanafani.

Do not lose hope. Truth, justice and non-violence will always win.

Speak up for humanity!!

#FreePalastine 🇵🇸


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