All the Light We Cannot See -Anthony Deorr #BookReview

“Don’t you want to live,  before you die?”
-All the Light that We Cannot See ~ Anthony Deorr

Honestly this was an excellent read. I read it on February last week. This is a story occupied in France during World War II. In 1934, Story of a blind girl Marie-Laure and a German boy Werner . Firstly story described in both sides. Marie-Laure is living with her father in Paris who is a locksmith at the Museum of National History in Paris. She hears that there is a sea of flame hidden in the Museum which will ‘grant immortality at the cost of endless misfortune those who are around the owners’. It’s rightful owner is ocean.Werner is an orphan living with his sister Jutta in Zollverein. He has a natural skill of repairing broken radios when he sees them.When Wotld war 2 declared, Marie-Laure and her father flee to a coastal town  Saint Maloto live with ger great uncle. And a while after her father got arrested.Meanwhile, a Nazi gemologist, Reinhold von Rumpel, begins to search for the Sea of Flames, seeking its  immortality, to save himself from dying due to his spreading cancer. But it should be protected from him. And the story continues of tragedies and mysteries .
And Werner got place at the National Political Institute of Education.He worked on radio technology tracking illegal enemy signals with Volkheimer, a soldier.Marie-Laire along with her aunt sent secret messages as Broadhurst which Werner hears.while the story continues, Werner atlast kills von Rumpel and meets Marie-Laure who was hiding protecting her and the stone. Even though they had very short time together they had a strong bond. While they flee to Marie-Laure’s gives Sea of Flames to the rightful owner-the Ocean. Sge gives the key to Werner. They got separated, and Werner dies.
Then the story describes that 30 years later Volkheimer finding Jutta..and she meeting Marie-Laure..
Story ends by 86 years old Marie-Laure in 2014. It is very emotional, I wish Werner hasn’t died.But we can’t do anything ,Our favorite characters ‘must die’, right!!

📖544 pages

📚Novel/Historical fiction


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