Emily Of New Moon by L.M Montgomery #BookReview

“To love is easy and therefore common – but to understand – how rare it is!”~Lucy Maud Montgomery ✨

Heyyo.!!I am here to indrduce you to the one and only unique ‘Emily Starr’. Like Anne Shirley, Emily is also such an enchanting character and this series also a much loved story!!
Lucy Montgomery’s writing is always so nice, she put ger own character into Anne Emily. And as she said Emily is more likely!!

This is first published in 1923. This series takes from her age 10 to 28!

Emily Byrd Starr is a girl with vivid imagination and writing passion!! In these three books, she grows up in her relatives house, New moon. With Murrays- Aunt Elizabeth, Aunt Laura and ‘Cousin Jimmy’
She has a great interest and dedication in writing from a very small age, throughout the series she shows is what it is meant to be a writer.But Aunt Elizabeth don’t like Emily writing, so Emily had very hard time in being along with her aunt.  But Cousin Jimmy helped her a lot.
She befriends with Ilse, Teddy and Perry after coming to New Moon.
Also later, she had a good friendship with Dean Priest,  her distant relative.

And like these, with many unforgettable ,beautiful characters..These three wonderful books describes the life of Emily with sweet, sour and bitter memories!! In her beloved New Moon.
The Emily if New Moon like the Anne of Green Gables
PS: I miss reading Anne so much, you know, how much I misspelled Emily as  Anne

Thank you!!


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